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47 ACU Keswick Barracks

On the 28th October 2023, FACT Adelaide headed out to 47 Army Cadet Unit - Keswick Barracks for an off-site HLTAID011 Provide First Aid booking. Students ranged from cadets aged 14-17 years old alongside LT(AAC) Adam Riessen, LT(AAC) Nicole White, LT(AAC) Adam Stewart, and MAJ Elaine Fergusson.

Officer Commanding, CAPT(AAC) Ian Fergusson made guest appearances throughout the training day.  


After introduction, we started our day with a recap on pre-study. Students were encouraged to question everything to ensure they understood the learning materials and how it related to their individual requirements (from barracks to home and everything in-between).



We broke down the DRSABCDs and incorporated practical sessions for each component.




LT(AAC) Adam Riessen and LT(AAC) Adam Stewart demonstrated multiple ways to enact the recovery position and then everyone utilised the time to practice with each other.




Bandaging is always an easy way to bring practical fun to the classroom. All our students demonstrate ways to create bandages for all types of first responder care.







When it comes to choking, we’ve got those obstructions uncovered! Each student praticed 5 Back Blows and 5 Chest Thrusts to assist in dislodging items obstructing the airway.




On completion of the final exam, FACT were presented with items of significance that mean a lot, especially to our army veteran trainer, Allan who served in the British Army from 1991 to 1998. Thank you for your thoughts and considerations.



We aspire to ensure learning is dealt with in a fun way to be able to lighten the lessons learnt through out our first aid courses. We thank 47 ACU for their energy, positive attitude, and enthusiasm shown throughout the session. As always, we like your heart a little warmer every time you visit our blogs. These smiles brought to you, courtesy of 47 ACU Keswick.




“The Australian Army Cadets is a national youth development program that proudly shares the character and values of the Australian Army. It is a partnership between the Australian Army and the community.”

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