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Terms & Conditions

To enable us to keep the prices of our programs at an accessible level, it is fair and equitable that a cancellation policy applies to all course enrolments.

We appreciate circumstances can alter your requirements, we empathise and understand it is unfortunate at times so please choose your course wisely to ensure it meets your requirements in particular the online special additional terms and conditions to ensure it meets your requirements but our policy's stand and are to ensure fairness to everyone including the trainers booked to complete your course.

Course bookings completed, online, in person, via the phone, we have our cancellation policy with terms and conditions displayed at our reception desk, and online, and on all course pages, it can also be emailed to you if you wish.

When you book onto any of First Aid Certification and Training programs, via any of the approved booking methods you agree to accepting the cancellation policy Terms and Conditions and all its content.

Once BOOKED we will guarantee your course will not be cancelled or rescheduled.

1)        Payment:   
Full payment is required at time of booking via the approved methods.

2)       Participants Duty of Disclosure
Please Talk to us, we can assure you your discussion is kept confidential but if you have any questions about the course you are booking onto, Physical, language Literacy or Numeracy difficulties, any personal additional needs or requirements, it is important that you appreciate that these must be disclosed or discussed prior to booking to ensure your requirements can be accommodated in the course, course date or class that you are looking at booking onto. As the programs are performance based so we will do our best to get

Once booked although we appreciate your circumstances and any requirements that you have or may arise, the course cancellation policy will apply.

All our Full Day Courses include a ½ hour lunch break; 10 minutes’ break for morning and afternoon tea. Time is at discretion of Course Trainer and discussed at the beginning of your course. Parking is available close to the premises but is limited First Aid Certification and Training will allow time for you to check your car but parking is at the student’s discretion.

To ensure our programs meet the legal requirements set down for training nationally recognized courses additional breaks are NOT included. If the student arrives later than 9 am on the day of the course they will not be permitted to take part in that day’s program. They will be able to reschedule but rebooking fees will be applied, this is to ensure all of the students get the best quality program and allows the trainer to meet legal requirements.

Complimentary Tea and Coffee are available during breaks as well as a fridge for your food. Food is left in the fridge at the students own discretion and First Aid Certification and Training will take no responsibly for lost or stolen items out of the fridge.  

Once course is booked and paid for, it is the Individual participants responsibility to ensure they attend their booked course on the booked date and time.

First Aid Certification and Training empathize that unfortunate circumstances can occur we cannot be held responsible to ensure individuals turn up to their booked classes at the correct times and our terms and conditions will apply. We will do our best to assist you in any way we can however the individual is expected to attend the course by them self with all pre-study completed.

3)        Transfers:
Should you wish to transfer your training commitment prior to the training date, you will be permitted to transfer to the next available mutually convenient course or substitute another person for your booking with written notification to our office as stated in the following information.

(a) 48 Hours plus Notice: Transfers must be requested in writing via email and then confirmed by our administration staff via return email of your course start date and start time. (excludes weekends & public holidays a transfer fee will apply if you email us at these times due to office being closed and unable to respond) No Charge

(b) Transfers within 48 hours of course date and start time: NO REFUND, plus an additional transfer fee from $15 subject to course type.


4)        Substitution:
If, after booking a course you are unable to attend, you are welcome to nominate someone else to attend in your place at no additional cost to the next available mutually convenient course and date First Aid Certification and Training must be notified at least 2 working days prior to your course date in writing for confirmation. 

5)     Failure to turn up to your nominated course:

Failure to turn up to your nominated class at nominated times: NO REFUNDS students may reschedule at no fee if they are able to supply a doctors certificate via email on the day of training all cancelations must be made in writing to info@factadelaide.com . Text messages or voice messages will not be accepted.


Once you have booked your course date and time it is your responsibility to ensure you attend the course that you have booked on or notify First Aid Certification and Training in writing of any requests for alterations prior to your course as per Terms and Conditions.

DisruptionsInterruptions, threatening behaviour, bad language, under the influence of drugs and alcohol or Departure from your nominated class for any period of time throughout the session means you and unfortunately indirectly others can miss valuable information required for us to certify you in a Nationally Recognized Course and unfortunately we will not be able to certify you in the required Units of Competency for us to meet our commitment to National Standards.

Continual interruptions, disruptions, or departures from class could result in the trainer requesting that individual to leave the class.
No refunds - No Certification

Leaving class prior to completion: No refunds, plus an additional transfer fee from $15.00 subject to course type. 

Threating Behavior will not be tolerated and the relevant authorities will be called, the student will be asked to leave the premises and will not be allowed back.  No Certification the student will not be permitted back to the training company.

In the unlikely event the student is part of a group booking the management of the booking will be notified and the entire group may be removed. This is at the discretion of the trainer, we take the view that our trainers Health and Safety is extremely important and the trainer may not be able to provide a quality program after the threatening behavior has occurred. NO REFUND the company may be permitted back at the discretion of management.

5a)     Turning up late to a booked course you will be required to reschedule to a mutually agreed date on the same course – No Refunds, plus an additional  transfer fee  from $15.00 subject to course type.

6)        Refunds:
Notification of course Cancellation received in writing by First Aid Certification and Training with at least 3 working days’ notice of your booking date:
$15.00 Charge – Course Balance refunded

Notification of Course Cancellation with less than 3 working days’ notice:
No Refund

If courses have previously been transferred or rescheduled from original booking date on Invoice:  No Refunds

Course Cancellation notification must be in writing and verified receipt within First Aid Certification and Training operation hours and will be confirmed in writing by our administration staff.

Effective date is the date and time of receipt by our office administration staff within First Aid Certification and Training business hours NOT the time you sent it. Please appreciate our staff although they work long hours they do not operate 24 hours a day or weekends emails will not be answered outside normal trading hours which are as follows;

Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00 pm

7) Dive and Sea Adelaide:
Although First Aid Certification and Training is directly linked to Dive and Sea Adelaide cancelations and rebooking’s will not be taken by Dive and Sea Adelaide Staff. Dive and Sea Adelaide will be offering some training outside the normal trading hours of First Aid Certification and Training but they are unable to process your cancellation or rebooking needs.  Any student found tampering or damaging any equipment owned by Dive and Sea Adelaide will be given a warning. If the offence is repeated by the same student, they will be asked to leave NO REFUND & NO CERTIFICATION.

8) Online specials:
On occasion First Aid Certification and Training runs an online special in all programs the following terms apply:

  • No transfers
  • No Changes to the original booking
  • No refunds
  • No late comers
  • Parking is the student’s responsibility
9) Workplace or Group Courses:
First Aid Certification and Training is able to handle group bookings we are also able to come to you to deliver the training. For Terms and Conditions please email the team at First Aid Certification and Training.

10) One on One and last minute bookings
We at First Aid Certification and Training understand that sometimes our lives get busy and we allow our qualifications to run out. If you require One on One Training or a last minute booking, we will do our best to accommodate you however extra fees will apply and they are at the discretion of the trainer and depending on the course required.

When enrolling on to First Aid Certification and Training course you will receive an email from PADI RTO with 12 hrs. of booking, this email gives you access to the PADI RTO Student Management System. Simply follow the directions in the email and it will take via Hyperlink to the required database, this is required to be completed prior to the course start date. All emails will be sent automatically however we at First Aid Certification cannot control the filters on your email so if you have not received the email with 12 hrs. Please contact us and we will resend it.

Failure to complete the enrollment process prior to starting the course will not stop you from completing the program but will prevent you from receiving the certification. We are happy to complete the process for you on the day some fees will apply:

  • Full data entry $5
We at First Aid and Certification and Training are confident that we will never need to apply these charges as the process only takes 5 mins and can be done via smart phones IPad and we can even supply access to a computer during the breaks.

12) USI (Unique Student Identifier)
As of January 1st 2015 all nationally recognised students must complete the USI for more information please follow the link provided:

13) Certification
On completion of all required skills and knowledge development the student will be deemed Competent or Not Yet Competent. If the outcome is Not Yet Competent depending on the trainer’s commitments he may stay behind to assist the student there will be NO EXTRA CHARGE for this. However, if the trainer believes that the student needs more than simply explanation they may require the student rebook, again there will be NO EXRA CHARGE for this providing it happens only once.

14) Statement of Attainment
First Aid Certification and Training deliver training and assessment on behalf of the following Registered Training Organisation PADI Asia Pacific - RTO #6729 and as such on completion of the course you will receive an email from PADI RTO. The email from PADI RTO will ask the student to complete a feedback form once this feedback form is completed the student will be able to access the online management system and a PDF Statement of Attainment will be provided. This is included in the course Fee’s if you require a paper of your Statement of Attainment please inform the trainer on the day and these will be posted out to you some fees apply:

First Aid Certification and Training is not permitted to provide any Statements of Attainments to a third party without the express permission of the enrolled student. If your PCBU (Employer requires use to send them a copy of your SOA some fees will apply).

All PDF Statements of Attainment can be verified using the follow link:
FEES $20

15)    Replacement or Additional Certificates:
Replacement/Duplicate Certificates: $20.00 collected we are happy to post but you will incur additional fee.