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Off-site Group Booking June 2023

Our trainer, Allan, had the opportunity to travel over 300km for a group booking at Port Augusta Special School on Tuesday the 13th of June 2023. He spent the day with 16 Students offering the necessary tools to provide First Aid in an Education and Care Setting (HLTAID012).

With all our First Aid courses, we started with some CPR on adults, children and babies. We added some high-spirited role playing asking students to imitate potential dangers in real world scenarios which enhanced our students’ capabilities to assert confidence in their role.

Allan demonstrating and explaining DRSABCD

DRSABCD stands for
                     D = danger: check for Danger
                     R = response: check for Response
                     S = send: send a bystander to call for help
                     A = airway: check airways
                     B = breathing: look, listen and feel
                     C = CPR: perform CPR if required
                     D = defibrillation: attach defibrillator if available


Demonstration of the recovery position and checking for signs of breath



Visualisation of number of hands versus fingers depending on requirements when performing CPR


Following prompts outlined by a Defibrillator​


In a school yard, providing First Aid is critical to the health and safety of all students. Our course covers all required material and allows our participants to contribute where they need additional coverage that is specific to their needs.


Demonstration and practice with multiple forms of bandaging, depending on the injury​


Recognising and treating injuries not instantly visible


Final exam time always brings out the seriousness of retaining information.


Allan embodying Clark Kent with his glasses disguise​


Port Augusta Special School participants took away some critical information and with all classes, we provide some humour to ensure the content is well received and retained. We thank Port Augusta Special School for allowing us to share what we do best and if you are interested in booking a group session with us, reach out by phoning us on 08 7226 5936 or emailing us at info@factadelaide.com

Group Booking forms are also  located in our FAQS > Forms on our website: http://www.firstaidcertificationandtraining.com.au/

We will close out this blog with a final thought that ends in all smiles.


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