About Us

First Aid Certifiction and Trainging (FACT) Adelaide is a diverse company with a passion to providing Training for the Workplace Safety and First Aid that is not only simple but accessible to all individuals in all workplaces, communities and organisations. At FACT our trainers understand that the best way training can be provided is if you work together and have fun.

FACT trainers strive to bring a relaxed but professional atmosphere to all of our courses from the CPR training. With the wealth of knowledge and the relaxed environment you will walk away feeling confident that the skills you have learnt in our course’s will serve you well in your workplace.

We all know how many changes have occurred in Workplace and First Aid courses over the years, staying up to date is extremely important. This is why FACT strives for continually improving and update our skills and training styles.

Here at FACT our staff and trainers like to provide each and every student with the best possible outcome. We guarantee that all training course provided by FACT from any section either First Aid, Diving or workplace safety, will not only meet the needs of the employer (PCBU) but the individual.

All of our courses meet the guidelines set down by the National training standards, training.gov.au and the Australian Skills Quality Council requirements.

Because our trainers come from all types of industries we are able to customize each learning experience to best suit the learners needs. This is why we feel confident that each student will be able to walk away with a firm understanding of all the required knowledge and performance skills allowing them to react appropriately.

With over 20 years of training experience in a number of sectors ranging from WHS to High Risk as well as Diver Education and Safety we are able to ensure our students get the very best training. You can trust we are experienced and professional. 

Because diversity is important our staff will train to individual levels, this will be based on performance and not time. We understand that everyone learns differently which is why all of our trainers have the most current LLN units on their scope. Every trainer has a current police clearance that is available and also has the clearance to work with children clearance.

At FACT we are confident our quality, professionalism, and course content far exceeds our competitors.

We believe in providing quality and value for money in everything we do, to our clients, individuals, business and organisations. We have a positive attitude and inspiring an enjoyable atmosphere where learning is relaxed and outcomes are easily achieved, if it’s fun for you then it’s fun for us. 

Our priority is to our clients you are important to us and this is reflected in our attention to detail our work environment and our support team.