Policies and Procedures.


Policies and Procedures are reviewed regularly and therefore will change, please ensure when you reference our Policies and Procedures you download the most current version.

If you are experiencing any difficulties accessing or understanding our policies, please contact the office on 08 7226 5936.


  1. Access and Equity Policy
  2. AVETMISS Policy
  3. Cancellation and Transfer Policy.
  4. Cheating Policy
  5. Student Behaviour.
  6. Complaints Policy
  7. Complaints Appeal Policy
  8. Completion of Training Policy.
  9. Drugs and Alcohol Policy
  10. Enrolment Policy
  11. LLN Policy
  12. Privacy Policy
  13. Refund Policy
  14. Replacement Cards and SOA Policy.
  15. Student Records Policy
  16. Third Party Policy
  17. Translator Policy.
  18. USI Policy
  19. Visa and Passport Verification Policy.
  20. Student Sub Class 500 Policy.